Scorsese’s The Departed Vs Classic Films


Scorsese Overdue For Oscar When you are referring to good gangster films, you’re talking about films like “The Public Enemy,” the original “Scarface,” “White Heat,” “The Asphalt Jungle,” “The Killers,” it doesn’t have to stand out because those are among the greatest American films ever produced. And those films are ...

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Problem With Today’s Movies


I think the overriding problem today… …is that Hollywood films are more about filling release dates than waiting until you have a truly solid film and then releasing it. Over and over again we hear how studios already have a release date for films like “X3” before they’ve even hired ...

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Scorsese’s Taxi Driver Quick Take


Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver One of my favorite movies. But I found it more a portrait of an individual suffering alienation as he is unable to connect with anyone else. Effectively isolated from the people who surround him, he descends into violent insanity but is ultimately redeemed when he turns ...

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Raging Bull – Goodfellas Looking Into Camera

Scorsese Raging Bull

Can anyone think of another Serious  film where the characters talk straight into the camera? This is done in many films. Two Examples, when deniro gets the crap beaten out of him in raging bull, we see robinson looking straight towards camera, then cut to deniro against the ropes looking ...

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Casino Underrated Scorsese Gem

Casino Martin Scorsese

Casino: underrated, unappreciated gem Yeah that’s right, I said it. Scorsese Fans already know this of course. Every time I see casino on tv I say to myself “ok I will just watch a few minutes” then it’s 2 1/2 hours later and I cant stop watching. I’ve seen it ...

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Scorsese’s Mean Streets Scene

Mean Streets

In Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets There is a scene in Mean Streets where the camera catches DeNiro’s character coming into a bar and then shifts slightly down and to the left before following him over to the right. There was a film studies professor who taught a course on symbolism ...

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Scorsese’s Shutter Island Review

Scorsese Shutter Island

Just saw Shutter Island It was entertaining all the way around. It kept me guessing till the end, terrific acting by Leo, great setting and creep factor. It’s got a lot of typical Scorsese feel too it i.e. very (maybe overly) dramatic music to some scenes, lots of extreme overhead ...

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Goodfellas vs Dances With Wolves

Ray Liotta In Goodfellas

Martin Scorsese vs Kevin Costner Lets go over this quickly as to not bore you. Dances with Wolves is not a great film,  Kevin Costner’s acting is mediocre at best as is his first time direction. Try watching it again and you will see how dated the movie seems only ...

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